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Meet Your Guides

Meet the guides who will illuminate the history and people from Bath's past


La Duquesa Alfreda Garcia  de Alba de Manresa y  de Bon Bon

La “Duquesa” or the “Dutch” as Mr Knightly calls her is a 3 times widowed Spanish Duchess from  
Madrid. ( or so she says) She has married and been widowed 3 times (at least that she can remember !) and has come to Bath to take the waters for her  gout ( She loves drinking Madeira wine and Port and is partial to a bit of Jav’is  ( Harveys) Bristol Cream. Her plan is to be acquainted with husband number 4 !

She  was a beauty in her youth (Some people called her LA MAJA or her Majesty )and she has acquired several titles and a fortune along the way. Her lineage and parentage  are a mystery which fortunately she manages to keep secret. 

She is accompanied this season by her niece, the demure and fetching Maria Teresa ( Maite) Garcia Garcia who she wishes to present to Bath Society to find a suitable young husband and acquire a better name ! .

Her 2nd cousin ( who she has twice tried to remove) Francesca Garcia Navarro de Pena has unexpectedly arrived in Bath on a short visit on her Grand tour of Europe. She too wishes to be presented to Bath Society for the season and be there as chaperone to the young Maite Garcia , hopefully wishing to secure herself an appropriate suitor from the many attentions that young Maite is receiving

Curious Strolls Bath Fran2.jpg

Doña Francisca Serafina Del Pozo

Doña Francisca Serafina Del Pozo, from the desirous Province of Granada, Andalucia, is a Second Cousin of the Esteemed La Duquesa Alfreda.
Dona Francisca is from a long line of Prestigious landowners from the town of El Pozo in the South of Spain who made their Vast Fortune in Olive Oil and the Finest Wine.
She has Unexpectedly arrived in Bath, due to a Storm at Sea during her brother's Grand Tour of Europe. She wishes to be Presented  to  Bath Society for the Season by being Present as chaperone to the young Maite Garcia.  She hopes in Earnest, that in this Mode she will secure herself an appropriate Suitor from the Many Attentions that the young Maite is currently receiving.

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Mr Blunder

Mr Blunder is a young (ish) entertainer with a knack for bringing the past to life in the present (not literally though, that could get messy). He probably won’t try to seduce anyone. Probably.

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