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Curious Strolls Bath, Tour Guides Bath, Jane Austen  Tours, Historic Tours, Bridgerton Tours Bath

Bridgerton Tours

A trail of gossip and scandal in a Bridgerton style

Curious Strolls Bath, Tour Guides Bath, Jane Austen  Tours, Historic Tours, Bridgerton Tours Bath

Dearest Reader,

The Time has come to announce in Society’s papers the New Seasons Stroll to visit the Scenes and hear the Inside Gossip about the Latest Regency Drama which is Charming all those present in Jane Austen’s World.

Last year saw “the Diamond of the Season” flawless Daphne Bridgerton Capture her Duke, the handsome Rake! Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings.

Such a Beautiful couple they made and such an Excellent Connexion for the two families involved.

Who Shall be the Belle of Bath this Season? to find her Duke or Maybe even a Prince ? I invite you to Graciously join our Stroll and together, We shall See! 

Yours, etc.

Lady Bristledowne.

The  Bridgerton Phenomenon has taken over our lives in such a short period of time with over eighty two million Homes now being familiar with the society of the time. (1813). 
Bridgerton, the newest delight produced for Netflix was fortuitously released on Christmas Day. It has had its presence simply Dangled in front of the careful watcher’s eye . The first series of  eight episodes completed within a  flick of a horse’s tail, dazzled us with Exquisite Costumes,Characters and Settings mainly filmed in one’s prestigious City of Bath.

The opulent series based on the Novels by Julia Quinn explore  Regency Honour,  Rivalry, Indignity, Romance, Seduction and Scandal.! Tearing from tradition it results in an enthralling drama and suspense! All set within dramatic backdrops, showing off the elegant attire with many perruques.

Most of the series challenges the Concept of the Female ‘Condition’. Raw candidness and the unmasking of Realities makes Bridgerton a mighty Triumph in storming up the most alluring storylines, filled with Love, Lust and Internal Tempests.

Do you know how many Wigs her Highness Queen Caroline wore Throughout series one ? 

Just how many of the Beau Monde were involved in the Dance scenes? 
Where the scenes were filmed in the City of Bath?
What is the Duke really like and what does he Enjoy for Breakfast ?

If you join us on a stroll , our own esteemed Lady Brizzeldown  who was indeed Present at the time, will spill the beans on the scenes.

We will accompany you on a Stroll through the cobbled streets of Bath and show you where the scenes were shot, thus Uplifting your souls and innermost Curiosities. 

We shall guide you through the Noble world of Bridgerton, allowing you to escape the reality of present day life and Immerse yourselves into the world of Gossip and Intrigue of Regency England, stirring your Passions and Spirit.

We can  arrange a  costume fitting at the shop of Madame de La Croix- The Modiste should you so wish.
For those who have not yet shared the pleasurable sight of the Duke of Hastings, alas you have not yet gazed upon the most remarkable Coup of the Season. Together we will search for The Duke in Bath. Who knows? he may be on his way to a Duel at Dawn over a Lady’s Honour!

And For All wandering minds, the speculated  walk may take place during the imminent filming of the second series!  Good Gracious!, what A Joy! Imagine if you were to be Captured on Camera what a wonder that would be to Excite!

For should the stroll End there, Dear Reader, it shall End with a Capital Memory from Your Visit to our Beautiful City. 

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