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iTours International

A little about iTours International

iTours International was set up in 2015 by a group of guides who had come to the same conclusion: A country needs to be experienced to be enjoyed, and that means a guide who speaks your language and who can give you an informative and entertaining trip!

Here at iTours, we realise that you are on holiday, wanting to enjoy places with the minimum of fuss and the maximum pleasure.

We aim to make all our tours informative but have your enjoyment as our prime concern. A few dates, facts and figures are necessary for the experience... but we won't be asking questions afterwards!

Curious Strolls iTours International PIC
Curious Strolls iTours International PIC

We're there to give you a real taste of the country, it's customs, quirks, traditions and anomalies, with the necessary historical background and a lot of smiles on the way.

Our qualified guides are well versed in the more "academic" side of the destinations and are happy to supply you with more information than you could shake a stick at... but our objective is an enjoyable experience where you can take home a few stories, lots of photographs and a case full of memories.

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