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Welcome to Curious Strolls

Discover the Wonders of Bath and Beyond

Discover the wonders of Bath and Beyond through the lives of characters connected with this World Heritage City.

Learn about their life and times through stories, readings and anecdotes recounted by our knowledgeable guides.

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Our Professional Bath Guides take you on a charismatic, curious stroll through the bustling city and tranquil parks of Bath recounting tales of the fashionable gentry and low life of former times, seen through the eyes of former residents and visitors.

We are passionate about our wonderful city. Follow us through its streets and alleyways, around the Unique Crescents and magnificent Georgian Architecture. Walk across green tranquil parks to hear about hidden histories which will surprise and delight you.

We encourage you to join in with a costume of your choice to add to the authenticity. We have a photographer on hand to capture those special memories as you too take part in bringing history to life in the city. There are plenty of cafés, pubs and restaurants to refresh you along the
way and we can include a traditional cream tea, formal lunch or dinner or a local tipple as part of the package.

If you would like to hire a costume for your stroll to be part of history coming to life please contact


We can have it delivered to your accommodation ready for your stroll.

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Private Ghost Tours

Enjoy a mysterious evening stroll  around the historical  World Heritage City of  Bath with your (g)host ,  Countess Drucilla Von Boneshaker  Guests will learn about Bath’s history  and experience gruesome stories of the super natural  along the way.  We take a leisurely evening  stroll through the most haunted streets of Bath and hidden  back passages !!!. We  listen to  chilling stories of Murder, Mystery and  Mayhem.  Ghosts , Ghouls and Graves.

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Travel back in time through Bath's dark , beastly past to bygone times and also hear stories of present day sightings and  strange phenomena . Be aware, you may experience a chilling feeling along the way or you may have your own tale  to re-count and share during the evening . This  2 hour guided walking  tour takes in most parts of  Bath city  centre and all  the iconic sites of Bath at night.  It includes tales of  merry monks, hanging trees, haunted pubs , dueling grounds where the temperature drops  dramatically. You yourself  may experience strange sensations as night unfolds so  after the tour you may wish to  enjoy a spirit or two in one of Bath's many haunted pubs to end your evening. It may be the last drink you have ........ 

Please Note: 
The tour is suitable for children over 10 years old . Please wear flat footwear as some areas of the walk are uneven ,dark and can be slippy, It may involve walking on wet grass . Wear appropriate clothing for inclement weather and bring an umbrella,  torch or lantern as we enter in to  the unknown,  unlit , dark spaces of Bath’s past.

International Group Tours

Film Trails

in Bath

Filming Willy Wonka


Kingston Parade/ Abbey Church Yard 

Bath Street

Cross Baths

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‘’Thank you Alfreda - your tour was the high spot of a very enjoyable family weekend in Bath. Your bespoke and knowledgeably Curious Stroll was fascinating - packed with intriguing anecdotes as well as historical detail. You perfectly pitched the afternoon to a mixed age range and spoke to everyone’s interests. We’d all love to saunter with you another time.’’

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The Waters of Bath

90 Minute Walking Tour

Discover what attracted the Romans to settle here and the secret of the hot spring.

Up to 10 people from:


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Bath Architectural Tour

90 Minute Walking Tour

Stroll around many of Bath’s unique buildings and explain about how they were built.

Up to 10 people from:


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What Lies Beneath?

90 Minute Walking Tour

Who lies under some of the cities gravestones and behind the plaques? 

Up to 10 people from:


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Out & About in Bath

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Jane Austen Festival Promenade 2022